The Projects

This page is a introduction to some of my bigger projects and areas of work. 


Many of my projects are based around Arduinos.
Arduino is an open source easy to use micro controller system. 
The best description of an Arduino I have ever heard is; "the duct tape of the electronics world".

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Duino Tag

Arduino based laser tag system that uses the miles tag protocol.

To find out more about this project start with the instructable.

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RC Dogfight system (JDog)

The vision:
Adruino based laser tag system suitable for carrying on remote control planes, allowing RC plane pilots to have reel life dogfight games.

Designs will also be released for systems which the user can build in order to expand the functionality of the system, for example ground based systems:

Anti aircraft turrets.

Pyrotechnic alternatives - Visually impressive effects which make it look like a ground based target has exploded (see the Talcapult).

User submitted ideas:
I intend to keep much of this project open source allowing for user ideas and improvements to be quickly incorporated into the system.

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