Talcapult: Introduction


In brief: A cheap way of making things look like they have just exploded.

Aim: Cheap, safe, more flexible alternative to pyrotechnic systems (not that I don't love blowing stuff up, I just can't afford to most of the time).

How it works: It catapults talcum powder into the air which quickly disperses and looks like a mini mushroom cloud.

This project is a spin off of the RC DogFight project.

The talcapult is placed on the ground and reacts to IR. When it detects a hit either from a Duino Tagger or a RC plane mounted IR tagger system it will launch talcum powder into the air giving a mini mushroom cloud.

Multiple units could be controlled by a single arduino.

The project will allow for a much more interesting laser tag / duino tag / RC dogfight game: Adding visually impressive "explosions" to the games.

Imagine your JDog equipped RC plane swooping in on a few model tanks, picking a target and shooting, then seeing the explosive cloud billow up as you shoot it.